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Robbins Trading Company was the first futures brokerage firm to offer fully-automated systems programs to its clients in the 1980s, and we’ve been matching systems and traders ever since with System Assist® and AutoTrade® trading service. We are the originator and organizer of the largest and best-known trading events – The World Cup Trading Championships®.

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WorldCupAdvisor.com provides an elegant trading solution for many investors. We identify talented professional futures and forex traders and enable subscribers to automatically mirror their live trading. Trade leaders have their own money on the line, right along with their followers. We provide a variety of analysis tools so that you can find a program to follow that’s right for your needs. Our proprietary Leader-Follower® TradeSync® software was designed to deliver same-price fills to leaders and followers alike.

Robbins Trading Company is your gateway to a selection of top-quality trading platforms. Contact us today and one of our experienced representatives will recommend the platform that best fits your trading needs.

Now you can combine two or more WorldCupAdvisor.com Performance Reports to create a blended report! Our new PPB (Personal Portfolio Builder) even lets you combine WCA programs with managed CTA programs available through authorized brokers. This powerful tool adds a new dimension to your ability to evaluate programs and customize your own investment portfolio.

The information you need to make an informed investment decision.

Our standard Performance Reports cover VAMI vs. S&P 500, Sharpe and Sortino ratios, drawdowns and more. The PPB takes these analytics a step further by calculating combined equity curves, rates of return and other characteristics.

The World Cup Trading Championships®

Free Entry

Traders can enter at any time
during the competition period


Traders use their own strategies

Real Time, Real Money

Account minimums are $5,000 for Forex
/ $10,000 for Futures

The Ultimate Trading Challenge!
Traders just like you have been competing in the World Cup Trading Championships® since 1983. They compete because it’s easy to enter, fun to participate and rewarding. It’s the ultimate way to test your skills and earn the respect of the trading community!

Why Robbins Trading Company

Experienced and Honest Traders

Robbins Trading Company has been a frontrunner in the futures, forex and stock brokerage industry for more than 35 years. RTC, a registered independent introducing broker, provides a wide range of services to customers across the globe. Built upon experience, honesty, and transparency, RTC’s efforts are accomplished with the assistance of a network of futures clearing merchants, introducing brokers, and trade execution specialists.

The World Cup Championship

Joel Robbins, President of Robbins Trading Company, began as a floor trader and then broker at both the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Robbins became known for discovering some of the best traders in the trading industry. In 1983, Robbins launched the first World Cup Championship of Futures Trading. This Championship has since expanded to include divisions in Stocks, Forex, and more.

Innovative, Reliable Trading Solutions

In 1992, Joel Robbins originated the System Assist® Trading Service, allowing clients to have their own trading systems professionally executed or to select a portfolio of commercially available trading systems to be executed for their account.  In 2000, Robbins went on to launch the World Cup Advisor website, which utilizes proprietary Leader-Follower® TradeSync® software.

Personalized Portfolio Development

Robbins Trading Company’s brokers bring decades of experience to help you invest in an array of trading programs spanning multiple markets, trading styles and investment objectives.